How to deal with a breakup, on this valentines?

Happy Valentines Day to all couples and singles too.❀

Love is remarkable, wonderful and a blessing for many but, when love comes to give pain it becomes painful and could be worst than any other thing in the world.

Walking on the thorns with roses is never been easy but to pick yourself and tell that all gonna be good not easy to do sometimes.

So, I am writing a post on how to deal with breakup for my one of the best friend as a advice. I hope it will help the broken heart a little.

1. Cry as much much as you want even if it fills the bucket.

“Yes, you heard it right! Many people try to control tears. As if, crying makes them weak, thought often comes that if you cry, you making her/him stronger, but it’s not.”

Don’t listen to them. Do a good cry! You seriously need a cry session!

With every tear you will start to feel heart is getting lighter. “cry not to feel weak but to build yourself into new strong and happy version of you.” Cry to wash all his/her memories out of your mind. Crying for 4-5 days is natural and nothing is the harm in it. Tears are like cleansing tonic at this time.

2. Write everything you wanna say to Ex on a paper/email draft.

Just do it! You will feel good. If you don’t want to send him/her but want to say whatever your heart feels.


Make a fake id of your Ex-name.. and write an email from your Id to fake Id. Write whatever you want to speak out loud in words of a letter. Let it out your frustration and anger everything.

Send it. Be calm and relax now.

3. Listen to happy songs and move your body:

Now, close the room. Get into your space and put some music on.

With a little high volume.

Groove the dance floor!

“Let your soul dance with the rhythm.”

Music is meditation. More you listen, better you feel.

4. Find your hobbies or get busy at work.

If you love painting, paint it, like cooking? then get your cooking skills sharp. Love to read? grab the book, which is pending for long and you are thinking. Just do what it feels like.

Whatever you do job or study, utilise your time in that daily chores. Seriously! you won’t get much time to think about your Ex.

5. Throw gifts or any belonging of Ex.

Give back gifts & belongings of your Ex like gifts and greetings and clothes. Delete pictures of you both together. It will help you to get over it.

6. Catch-up with friend circle.

If you haven’t met your friends for a long time due to the relationship, then please go out with them. Talking with friends and hanging out is truly help you to overcome it. Just open your heart with, play and laugh on jokes. See the good things about life now. Cheer up, buddy!

7. Go out for bulk shopping

Go for a new hairstyle and shop new clothes. The new version of you makes feel fresh and energetic. Be alive! Life is still here.

8. Watch funny movies

You can watch funny movies to makes feel happy. Watch Mr Bean, Freinds and Big bang kinda show because your smile worth it.

9. Appreciate yourself!

Oftentimes, we are going through a difficult breakup, we feel little less self worthy of love! But, guys that’s not true.

Just because someone screwed you doesn’t mean you are not lovable. You are 100% worth loving. “Whatever happens, happens for a reason“. Some lessons meant to learn in life.

Your ultimate destination is still yet to come, perfect partner is waiting for you. So, pick yourself up and smile to the world and take care of yourself!

10. Love yourself!

It’s easy to sound yet tough to do, but “loving yourself is a lifelong romance.” You can’t be happy enough if you don’t love yourself.

Start appreciating yourself on the little things you do and talent. Take care of your skin, hydrate yourself and eat healthy. Travel new places and do what you love.

11. Detach yourself!

how do you let go of that attachment or need? By loving yourself totally, accepting yourself and respecting yourself completely. And most importantly, taking up responsibility for your own feelings and not resting that power in the other person’s hand. This is actually already known. But there is a common mistake people tend to do in this phase. It is this: They love, respect and accept themselves β€˜in order to’ attract the other person! So this self-love, self-respect and self-acceptance which are meant to make you feel good to turn into efforts for attracting that person. When you do this in order to gain that relationship, in essence, you are saying that β€˜I do not have that relationship still. So I am going to love myself totally so that I can attract my love’. By doing this, you are focusing on β€˜not having the relationship yet’.
Now comes the most asked question: I cannot stop thinking about him/her. How can I stop? The answer is simple again: You don’t have to β€˜stop’ thinking about him/her. You just have to β€˜start’ thinking about other things! Initially its a deliberate action of shifting thoughts, but with practice, it becomes automatic where you no longer think of him/her. You start focusing on other manifestations in your life and totally let go his/her need.

Overcoming this hurdle of break up may takes a while, but give yourself a break. You will definitely come out of this!

At the end, just do what you love.


Take care and have a beautiful life!😘❀

Heartbroken lecture


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